Mosney Mill Seed Card – Fawn And Bluebells


Inspired by the Wildflower Meadow at Mosney Mill this card is very special as you can grow your own mini meadow.

When you have finished displaying your card simply plant the whole card and ‘voila’ a bunch of wild flowers will grow as part of your very own wildflower meadow!! Beelieve me the bees will love you.

The card can be planted inside or out doors depending on the temperature and conditions at time of planting.

Take your card and cover with compost, give it a good watering. During the first ten days keep the paper moist at all times as water is necessary for germination to occur.

Once seedlings appear keep the paper moist but be careful not to overwater.

Continue to care for your plants and watch your wildflowers appear.

For best results plant the card within two years. Seed will still germinate after this time but the germination rate will slow down. Store the card in a cool, dry place until time of planting.

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